Las Vegas Bachelorette

Viva Las Vegas bitch!! Your bachelorette bash needs Sin City in your life. From the hot, hot, men of Chippendales to the legendary sites, iconic divas, and the best restaurants in Vegas, you and your crew will be up all night to get lucky- and trust us you will get lucky. Make your own luck by following our exclusive guide to Las Vegas entertainment, shows, dining, shopping and more! 

Las Vegas Bachelorette Ideas


Make Vegas your bae for an unforgettable weekend! We all know Las Vegas is the world’s bachelorette party mecca, but there’s no reason your experience can’t be 100% original. Naturally you’ll want to hit the classics… the best shows in Vegas, the yummiest restaurants, and sexiest clubs but you still want to ride in your own amazing style! Here are our top five ways to own the LV scene…

Mix High and Low

Don’t spend all your time and money on VIP.  Mix it up. Bottle service at Marquee, dinner at Tao,but skip the fancy brunch- head to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign for cute selfie snapping. Mixing high and low ticket events, food, and drinks is a great idea for your bachelorette party if you really want to experience the real Sin City.

Dance like Someone is Watching

Be your own Las Vegas attraction when you and your friends hit the dance floor. If your moves need improvement before you bring fire to the club, then try pole dancing class! Check out Stripper 101 to learn all the tricks to unleash your sensual side and get all the ladies in your group warmed up for wild weekend.

Photo Scavenger Hunt on the Strip

Make a list of all the neon signs, landmarks, and Vegas icons (Elvis impersonator) you are your bachelorette party want to see. Then split in two groups, bust out your Snapchat or Instagram stories and start the search. Whichever team posts the most- wins! You can even turn it into a flirting game, finding hotties like Chippendales to guest star in your pics!

Be a Diva, See a Diva

Okay, sure the bachelorette party is all about celebrating the bride but taking time out to worship J. Lo or Brittney betch is so worth it! You and your ladies will never forget it, as you sing along with your idols. You’ll be feeling like a diva yourself for the whole rest of the trip… maybe your whole life.

Pack Light

Pack light because you’re going to want to take a lot of Vegas with you. Wait to get your party accessories from the Chippendales Boutique before the show and keep to just your fave dresses. Same thing goes for makeup… maybe even book applications at the Las Vegas MAC store or fave beauty counter. Still bring as many shoes as you can. The last thing you want is to break in 6” heels at Aria.

Top 5 Clubs Everyone Talks About in Las Vegas

Discover the crème de la crème of things to do in Las Vegas every night. Let’s start with the most buzz worthy clubs. These are the Top 5 clubs you’ll hear about over and over again from every local and Yelp review and for good reason! These places stand out in the hustle of Vegas night life because they’re lit AF.


Tao- Get ready for a religious experience as you roll in Tao, the award-winning Las Vegas nightclub. Host to freestyle DJ’s, A-list celebrity guests, and soon… your bachelorette party! The atmosphere is electric and the party unstoppable. All of our top Las Vegas clubs have amazing places to eat near by but treat yourself to dinner at Tao before hitting the dance floor. It’s all just so delicious.

Marquee- Vegas nightlife is world famous, but the daytime gets every bit as wild , especially at Marquee. This is the go-to day club for the posh bridal party looking for some fun in the sun. Your bachelorette bash with be it’s own Las Vegas event when you and your BFFs are popping bottles, looking like models, chilling by the pool.

XS- Check out the chicest EDM venue and dance club rolled into one. The vibe is hot, young, and fabulous. Dress for a sexy encounter even if you and your girls night crew are just flirting for fun and free drinks with hot local guys. Located in the luxurious Wynn, XS feels decadent and inviting with vibrant, pulsating beats. See the hottest DJs from David Gueta Diplo, to The Chainsmokers. Fire.

Omina- This is what you came for- to see and hear Calvin Harris celebrate his two-year anniversary at Omina. Oh, never mind, you’re in Vegas for a bachelorette party, but that’s no reason you and your friends can’t go to the best nightclub in Vegas and dance the night away. Dress sleek but be ready to move.

Hakkasan- Every level in Hakkasan is literally next level. This venue is like falling down the rabbit hole that is Las Vegas entertainment and you and your friends will awake to the proverbial wonderland. The tone is chic, the live DJ entertainment is world- renowned but it is the atmosphere that makes this Las Vegas club so incredible. You’ll have the kind of magical Las Vegas night you dream of and the morning after you may even wonder… was it all just a dream?