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The following names have recently been brought to our attention for using our authorized trademark without permission: Tony Valentine, Marcus Vairco, Jordan Dizon, Billy Dreer, Ray Hammond, Damien and Jerry Henderson.

Like many famous brands, Chippendales is constantly policing its rights by engaging watch services around the world that monitor government filings, trade directories and the Internet for potential infringements. Our most potent weapon against infringers is our loyal fans who continuously report unauthorized performances by dance troupes purporting to be the Chippendales. If you hear of a Chippendales performance not listed on our site at, it is almost certain to be an imposter. We encourage our fans to report such incidents to us by filling out the above form, calling 516-454-0981, or by mailing the details of such performances to:

Chippendales Entertainment 
4 Expressway Plaza, Suite 218
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

If the information you provide leads to the cancellation of the infringing show, we will provide you with two complimentary tickets during the next year to any one of our authorized productions.

Under its current management, Chippendales has enjoyed a perfect record in every legal proceeding initiated to protect its intellectual property.

The Winchester Star Article

Winchester "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but a world-famous male dance group doesn't feel honored at all with what they call blatant deception by a copycat group.

Despite advertisements announcing that the Chippendales will perform on Aug. 2 at Sweet Caroline's nightclub in Winchester, officials with the exotic dance troupe insist that the group is not scheduled to perform at the club on that or any other date.

Chippendales Vice President of Global Operations Kevin Denberg said on Wednesday that the Winchester performance "has absolutely no relation to the world-renowned Chippendales brand."

After learning that they had unwittingly booked a copycat dance troupe, management at Sweet Caroline's said on Wednesday that they have spoken to the legitimate Chippendales organization and cancelled the Aug. 2 performance. The club has also pulled all advertisements for the show.

Under the laws of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the word Chippendales is trademarked and licensed for the exclusive use of the Plainville, N.Y.-based dance group for all performances and merchandising.

"To protect the integrity of our brand and our customers, Chippendales Entertainment's legal team prosecutes these infringers to the fullest extent," Denberg said.

According to Denberg, the photo of dancers used in the advertisement, which was provided by the copycat group and appeared in Wednesday's edition of The Winchester Star, was lifted from the Chippendales Web site, Denberg said that such copycat groups are becoming more common, and club owners should watch out for fraud when offered the deal of a lifetime from a so-called Chippendales troupe.

"I feel bad for the club's owners," Denberg said about Sweet Caroline's. "But the club probably paid a surprisingly low amount to secure this group. When you pay that low a price for a group like ours, you have to suspect you are not getting the real thing."

Denberg said the real Chippendales group lists all of its performances on its Web site.

Denberg would not name the organization that offers the phony Chippendales, but said he believes the men are part of a group that has performed similar scams in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

In March, the same copycat act performed at Stable Pit and Pub, a restaurant in Conneaut Lake, Pa.

Restaurant owner Wanda Ramaley said the troupe charged $15 for admission and accepted no further payment.

"They got the door [proceeds] and we got the bar [proceeds]," she said.


By Robert Igoe
The Winchester Star

Chippendales USA LLC vs. Tony Johnson, aka Tony Valentine, aka, Raymond Hammonds, aka Damien, aka Malibu, aka Billy Dreer, aka Billy Diamond
Civ. No. 99- CV-1154, United States District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania. In 1999, Chippendales obtained injunctive relief against 4 individuals for their unauthorized use of the CHIPPENDALES Mark and Cuffs and Collar Trade Dress. Subsequently two separate contempt proceedings were brought against Ray Hammonds for his continued violation of the court's order. The second claim of contempt was settled after Mr. Hammond provided assurances he would not infringe in the future, and agreed to pay Chippendales monetary damages and to stop all future use of the CHIPPENDALES Mark and the Cuffs and Collar Trade Dress.

Chippendales USA LLC vs. Gold Productions, Inc. and Jerry Henderson
Civ. No. 01-CV-1779, United States District Court, Southern District of New York. Chippendales obtained a permanent injunction against defendant and $100,000 in monetary damages. Defendants were ordered to transfer the domain names (, (, and (

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WIPO Case No. D2003-0980. Respondent's ( domain name was transferred to Complainant.

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Chippendales USA, LLC vs. Atronic Americas, LLC.
Civ. No. 03-904, United States District Court, District of New Jersey. Chippendales sued a European based slot machine manufacturing company after it distributed Chickendales slot machines featuring dancing chickens wearing an imitation of the Chippendales famous Cuffs and Collar Trade Dress. The case settled based on the phase out of the machine. The settlement also included a monetary payment and the transfer of Defendant's registration for Chickendales in the United States and the European Union.

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Civ. No. 01-CV-01780, United States District Court, Southern District of New York. Defendant's state registration for Black Chippendales was cancelled. Defendant was enjoined from any future use of the CHIPPENDALES Mark, and was ordered to pay statutory damages in the amount of $100,000.

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