What To Pack For A Vegas Bachelorette Weekend


If he popped the question it’s time to pop some bottles, ladies! If you’re planning a girls trip to Vegas to celebrate your final fling before the ring, you’ve probably started a packing list to make sure you have everything you need. Outside of the obvious necessities—amazing outfits, killer pumps, a swimsuit for the pool parties, etc. here’s a list of must-have items you need, to make your Las Vegas Bachelorette party perfect while spending it with your besties.



Vacation Canvas Clutch: This power pair is totally clutch for holding all of those things you just gotta keep together while traveling: makeup, hair ties, hand cream, rose water spray, candy, thoughts, and more. Kk, maybe they can't hold your thoughts, but you get the idea.

Personalized Vegas Tanks: Start the celebration with racerback tees for all the gals in your group with “I Said Yes! We Said Vegas!” tanks to wear on the way to Sin City. Not only will it kick off the party vibes, but the sparkly glitter writing will help you keep track of your gang while you’re navigating the airport. (via MeAndBabyDesigns)


BACK ME UP! Charging Cords: If your vegas squad has more than 3 girls in tow, and it probably does, you’re going to need an individualized charging cord. With every outlet being taken over by white chargers, you’ll sleep soundly knowing exactly which one is yours. Choose between solid gold and platinum—your choice.

Team Bride Sunnies:“Sunny Las Vegas” isn’t just something people like to call the city. It’s lit on The Strip during the waking hours. Like, bright as hell. Grab a set of personalized “Team Bride” sunglasses customized with everyone’s names on them! (via TheCraftyEngineerx)




Swag Bag: Hop up outta bed and turn your swag on with this hands-free bag. It's great for the gym, a flea market, an amusement park, or (honestly) every day! Trust us, this little swaggy can hold a lot more than it looks like it can





“I Am Fun” Pool Towel: After making your way up and down the strip, you’re going to want some relaxation time by the pool. Make it known you’re the “fun one” of the group with a super large and comfy pink beach towel perfect for laying out on. Sure, most hotels offer towel service—but you want to stand out, right?





Bachelorette Tiara: What girl wouldn’t want to wear this on her Last Night Out? Perfect for making her feel like a princess, this sparkle metal tiara with built-in hair combs spell out the word “Bachelorette” in decorative script on the very top. One Size Fits All.  


    Paint The Town Red Party Favor: As a way to thank your girls for making your party and trip as incredible as it possibly could be, shower them with small gifts throughout the weekend. We love this “Paint The Town Red” idea from Evermine! Follow the instructions and send these adorable favors to friends before you leave for Vegas or the first night of your trip! (via Evermine)



    Bride to Be Party Crowns: With a crown for the bride to be and 5 others for her to assign to each of her friends—these adjustable crows are the perfect way to identify who’s “Drunk & Disorderly” or the “Miss Priss” of the group. Though we have a feeling everyone in the group at some point is going to deserve “Hot Mess”... it’s Vegas. You’re allowed. It’s kind of expected.


    Bride Tribe Flash Tattoos: Durable enough to withstand a splash from the Fountains of Bellagio to the cheers of a cocktail at Tao, these stunningly gold “Bride Tribe” temporary tattoos are a must have for your party peeps. (via DaydreamPrints)




    Pinch Minimergency Kits: No, minimergency kits are not just for wedding days—they’re essential to have on you during your Bachelorette party weekend. It’s something that every girl needs in her suitcase or purse (if space allows). We’re not even kidding when we tell you all of this in included: deodorant towelette, stain remover, nail polish remover, pain reliever, dental floss, clear nail polish, lip balm, breath freshener, hair spray, antacid, tampon, adhesive bandage, mending kit, safety pin, double-sided tape, clear elastics, earring backs, emery board, bobby pins, wedding bands, blotting tissue, facial tissue. (via bhldn.com)



    Damn Sexy Flask: Created by the artists, Trixie & Milo, these flasks are slim enough to fit in a hip pocket or purse, and stylish enough to show off to friends on girls night out! They make an awesome gift for weddings, bridesmaids, groomsmen, or just birthdays, anniversaries, or the holidays. A perfect fashion accessory! All designs are printed on a high quality vinyl label that is completely water proof (and alcohol proof).  Each label is laminated under a high-gloss finish that will protect and enhance the image. This flask is for that "Damn Sexy Bitch" who does what she wants and knows that she looks good doing it.  




    Bachelorette Satin Sash: No bachelorette party is complete without an authentic bachelorette sash. Made of satin, it's time to let the fun begin!!   





    Comfy Sleep Mask: You’re going to need something to help you sleep on the plane. This “Hungover As F**k” sleep mask is perfect. It reminds your friends, and the flight staff, to leave you alone and let you sleep. You need that tray table to sleep on, thanks.




    DIY Hangover Kits: You got totally cray cray and that’s alright. Just make sure you’ve got some sort of hangover cure ready to go for you and your gal fam. Put together DIY Hangover Kits to bring with you as a final party favor for all your guests. Don’t be offended if they’re a little too out of it to thank you properly in the moment.  (via Evermine)





    Vegas Doesn’t Judge Me Tank: It’s true. Vegas, of all places, will never judge you for getting totally wild—yes, we saw you in the front row at Chippendales and you were outta control. But in the best way possible. You deserve it. Whether you’re the bride to be, maid of honor, or a distant relative just there for the drinks and eye candy. A Bachelorette party is supposed to get crazy. Vegas encourages it, and so do we.




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    What To Pack For A Vegas Bachelorette Weekend



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