Holiday Survival Guys

The holiday season AKA “winter” can be really harsh to deal with sometimes. The tempting sweets, cold weather conditions and other stressors can keep you feeling far from merry and bright. Don’t fret, Chippendales have you covered with our Holiday Survival Guys.


Spending Too Much Money

With so many beautiful, sparkly, new "must haves" out there, it is almost impossible to budget. Inevitably, you end up buying yourself a bunch of stuff (because of all the crazy good deals) and then before you know it, you’re buying a bunch of silly gifts for other people too. If the Holidays got you like Ariel shopping for “gadgets and gizmos of plenty… and thing-a-ma-bobs” then there's only one thing to do. Check out this picture of Mikey Perez fresh from the shower, looking wonderful. It’s free to stare at and free to share with friends. Mikey is the gift that keeps on giving.


Family Stress

Seeing family is one of the most fun, yet obnoxious, of holiday traditions. Your annoying brother won’t shut his dumb mouth, your mom is disappointed in you, your cousin is a close-talker and she's been hitting the onion-garlic dip pretty hard... the list goes on and on. The good news is, we are here for you. If your family stresses you out or makes you question how amazing and fabulous you are, then take a gander at this picture of Tyson Beckford in a bubble bath to remind you that you are a beautiful snowflake.



Getting Business Drunk at the Office Party

We’ve all been there… everyone’s having a nice time and then suddenly you think peppermint schnapps is a good idea and you start yelling, “I’m eating junk and watching rubbish, you better come out and pound me!” to your sexy boss. You think it’s hysterical because you’re just quoting Home Alone but no one gets it and they think you’re soliciting Mr. Johnson for sex. The worst. Don’t let your need to party and have a good time ruin your professional career. Take a look at this picture of Noah Sanderson getting loose with a giant margarita and remember that you can lock it up at the office and then make a New Year's resolution to go to Vegas in 2016 and party it up.

Being Vastly Disappointed with Your Secret Santa Gift

Seriously? You put all that time and effort into procuring the perfect gift for $25 or less, only to be rewarded with some re-gifted reject present like an animatronic Santa Claus in sunglasses playing a saxophone and it’s so scary your dog growls at it? Ridiculous. This is a time to feel joy and gratitude for sure, but you still have standards. Take your disappointment and introduce it to ­­­­­­Joey Piña. Here he is in Norway being gently kissed by sunlight. You can look at him and say the words you long to say and truly mean them, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s just what I always wanted!” #blessed


Eating All the Foods

Somehow everything just tastes better over the holidays. It’s a time of aromatic, beautiful, celebratory foods. There’s an abundance of specialty cookies, interesting homemade dishes people only make once a year, and so many exciting snacks. Some might even be stuffed with cheese but you don’t know until you take a bite. To eliminate your food cravings, get advice from somewhere else because we believe in you enjoying your food and your life to the fullest. You’re a grown ass lady… if you want to eat, eat. Let go of guilty feelings and enjoy yourself. Here is a picture of Matt Marshall taking a selfie at the gym. Doesn’t really have anything to do with food, but look at that body... girl, look at that body. 


Freezing Your Ass Off

As charming as the weather outside might look under dense layers of snow and ice, the cold hard truth is that it is frickin’ freezing. To keep toasty you can either wear a Snuggie 24-7 or, you can peak at this of these hot, hot, hot, shirtless trio melting the snow around them.   Are you feeling sort of warm and tingly now? Thought so.


There’s No More Wine on Christmas and the Store is Closed

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This is a real crisis and we aren’t going to sugar coat it. This would ruin Christmas. Go get some extra right now. As a reward, when you get back you can look at this glorious pic of these manly men rejoicing in the water. Now let's get that bottle open, bust out the snacks, and do some online shopping. Happy Holidays!


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