Good ideas for Bad Girls

Bachelorette parties are an excellent way to commemorate the end of the wild days of singledom as the "bride-to-be" prepares for the buttoned up sanctimony of marriage. The "last fling before the ring" is also a time to get lit and test the limits. In this section you will find party ideas- things to do at the party, themes and outfit ideas. We will also do you a solid and give you  suggestions on how to make your party more risqué or ways to dial back.

How to Theme Your Party

Bride Favorites

If your BFF is obsessed with Harry Potter then get you some Butter Beer and play “Pin the Wand on the Warlock” or “Who’s the Biggest Horcrux.” This party is about celebrating her so make sure the bride is reflected in the chosen theme. 


Get a football theme in the fall; summertime Glamping, Chippendales in the spring, or a steamy Painting Party on a cold winter night. Choose your theme, foods and colors by season. Try warm tones for fall, jewel in winter, etc. 

Get Specific

A stellar theme is very simple, highly focused and easy for your guests to interpret. For example, if you throw a 90’s theme party and some girls go grunge but you were hoping to sport matching spandex and red lips. Call it something specific like “En Vogue” or “Fly Girl.”

Work with Tone

Be weary of themes that don’t fit with the tone. You don’t need shots and “Oh Sh** Kits” for Bachelorette Brunch or high tea. If you know the bride wants a stripper, maybe skip the aforementioned Harry Potter theme so it doesn’t get really awkward.


When choosing your theme, consider the environment and location. Pick a place that reinforces the theme or think of how you can transform your venue into the fantasy space you want it to be. This brings the party to life.

Clothes and Makeup

Uniformity looks hot in photos and gets you more attention. Create a look everyone can follow. Your squad doesn’t need to be full fledged in matching outfits (although that can be adorable) but definitely band together as much as you can.

It's not Halloween

One of the greatest things about Bachelorette Parties is that they are bachelorette parties. Too much theme and costume and suddenly you lose site of the bride. Definitely play around, but remember it’s not Halloween.

Try a Motif

Icons like diamond rings, lipstick prints, and penises are classic bachelorette items, but you can customize the night by choosing a signature texture or print. Floral, lacey, or zebra prints would each have a totally different vibe but all are perfect for your Hen party.

More Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bride Before and After Photos

Take a cute pre-game photo of the Bachelorette holding a sign that says “Before” and then try to remember to get one late that night (or the following morning, depending on how hard you roll) with her holding the “After” sign. 

Chippendales Tip: Make sure to get the bride’s approval before sharing these photos on any social media. You can always print them like people did in the old days, frame them and give to her in a few years after the nostalgia builds.

Channel Chanel

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Go Coco with the LBD of bachelorette parties. Share her quotes, spritz your favorite fragrance and select French delicacies. And pearls darling, you must have pearls.

Lip Service 

It’s your party and if you want to pout, kiss, and smile, bring some attention to the mouths of your babes. Here are a few ideas to pucker up and party with a lipstick motif:

A glitzy, gilded party is glamorous but still modern. For a cool, urban look, pair matte gold with black and a pop of a vibrant pantone. Or for a delicate, whimsical feel mix shimmering metallic shades with light shades. Gold and pink is also bad, bold, and ready to go.


Go for Gold

Here are a few ways to spread the gold: