Get Anticipated

One of the sweetest aspects of party planning is building that anticipation. Start telling your girls that you’re going to have THE BEST PARTY EVER. Like they say, thoughts become things… You can also build anticipation and prep for greatness by sending funny GIFs, emails, and/or links on FB, to your crew before the big day, night or weekend. Little shout outs will also get your squad in on the planning conversation so you’ll get their feedback without seeming like your hounding them for help. The most seriously crucial part of having the hottest party is having fun and there’s no reason to not start having fun right now! Here are a few of our favorite links to help you build buzz and have THE BEST PARTY EVER.

Pick a Chippendale, Any Chippendale

Do you want to get your friends excited ‘bout that party life?? Send them an official animated Chippendale on FB or PM them. Sending these sexy dudes is like sending a ray of sunshine. They are also a classy, cool way to open the conversation on some, ahem, adult entertainment.


This Game GIF is Everything!

Looking for Bachelorette Games that don’t suck? How about this insane sex toy toss game? J/K but it’s fun to text this to the girls and announce you’ll be playing this game at the party and see who writes back asking if you’re serious. This is solid gold stuff here.

Get this PARTY started!

Big, epic parties require big, epic planning! Plus you need mad organization, a few badass ladies to pull the whole thing off and advice from the experts. Chippendales interacts and hosts the most bachelorette parties in the world. After 37 years, we know what it takes to throw a badass bash. In Vegas, at home, or anywhere you want! You get your crew and we’ll help you with the rest. 

Whether you are the bride-to-be, the maid of honor, the BFF who’s best at event planning or one of the attendees, we have the resources to help you get the party started. Chippendales are experts on all things “Girls Night Out” and our party experts have put together fun, original, easy-to-follow advice and more! Find the best Bachelorette Party Ideas, games that don’t suck, the best DIY, all on Chippendales Bachelorette.

Top 12 Steps to the Best Bachelorette Party

Besties Guesties

Planning a party for a core foursome vs. 20 wild women are completely different occasions. Your crew is everything. Knowing who’s in lets you plan accordingly. Tip: Review the list for friends you know will want to help you out and hook you up.

Budget Like a Boss

Let’s get some math up in this piece! To estimate your budget, decide how much money per person you want to spend, and times that by the number of guests. Divide the total into categories like food, booze, favors, gift bags & strippers! 

Theme Queen

Go classic with pinks and peckers, or get creative. Plan around the bride’s favorite color scheme, the time of year, or destination. Decide on a theme before pinning and posting with the whole squad. 

Places Ladies!

Las Vegas is always a good idea because you can see the Chippendales (duh) but also the party atmosphere in Vegas is perfect. If you can’t do Vegas, there are plenty of places to host the night. Bowling, bars, Drawing Parties, etc.

Hash tag, you're it!

Create a #. Something unique but not so crazy it becomes inconsistent after a few Patron and pineapples. Tell everyone to use the # when they are getting ready or sharing TBT’s of the bride. Emoji as usual.

Sips and Nibbles

Nom, nom, nom. When planning your menu and scrolling through foodspiration, start a basic grocery list as you go. By breaking down the ingredients early on you can start to see how the menu will coincide with your budget and if the flavors will mesh.

Tick Tock

Send a Save the Date via the mail, group text or try ASAP. Use your timeline to break up when you will start on crafts, cooking and the rest of your plans.

Play on Player, Play on!

Bachelorette games can be so much fun. Even if you’re out for a night on the town you can still play bar crawl games or bring dare cards in your clutch. Your games and entertainment create the core for how the night’s activities will play out.

Accessorize Your Night

Get your swag early so you’re not running around trying to find the perfect shade of pink or the right rhinestones. Turn up your bachelorette look for loads of attention and free shots!

Evite and Zazzle

Send your invites 4-6 weeks before the party. They should include any special instructions, like if everyone needs to rock a LBD and BYOB. Check out these gorgeous handheld invitations you can put in the mail!

Set the Stage

Consider where your guests can keep their purses or overnight items. Food and drinks should be someplace comfortable. Have the best lighting for where you plan to take the most selfies.  Stock the space with fun props. 

Get 'em!

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