Get your game face on, because it’s playtime bitches!

Some might say games are passé but they’ve obviously lost their sense of childlike wonder. Don’t let the haters keep you from your good time. We have some fun bachelorette game ideas, along with some tips on how to make any game more fun. And if there’s that one chick in your crew who’s like, “Ew no, games are childish…” then hold her down and tickle her until she laughs so hard she pees a little. Because you know what’s childish- wetting yourself. Tell her to grow up. Then kiss and be besties and play these awesome “last fling before the ring” games.

Play on Players, play on

Games That Aren't Lame

When it comes to Bachelorette Party Games one of the biggest challenges is keeping it fresh and fun during “wedding season.” Even the most amazing games can get lame if you keep playing them over and over again. 

Buzzed Bands

This hilarious drinking game can get a little tricky to follow… maybe because it’s a drinking game. TBH it can be played with or without booze, and is still a funny and entertaining game.. Here’s how to play...

Chippendales Tip: As the party hostess, your enthusiasm for a game is what matters most. Stick to games and activities that have you shouting, “Hells yeah!” and your friends will reflect your positive party girl excitement.

Chippendales pro tip: Layer your games. Initiating a truth or dare style game or drinking game in the middle of a more organized game can make it really unique and set you up for surprises. 


Biggest Slut?

Might not be who you think it is...ok it probably is, but that's ok! This daring game is designed to ignite sexy convo and can lead to hysterical stories, provacative honesty, and major bonding. Remember the days of telling your BFFs your deepest, darkest, secrets?

Bonus Tip: BET ON IT!

Spice up the night by placing friendly bets. “I bet we end up getting fast food at some point,” or “the bride will call her man before midnight.” Turn it into a drinking game or gamble for dares to infuse the party with creativity and spontaneity.

Pillow Fight

Let’s talk about the classics, shall we? For a fabulous “Girls Night In” style party that gets feisty… have a pillow fight! Or feign one and take pictures to send to the boys at home wondering what kind of craziness you wild girls are up to.

It’s a commonly held belief among guys that when the girls get together there’s a bouncing, rousing, pillow fight and that’s adorable. Don’t disappoint them. They say “dance like no one is watching but pillow fight like the whole world can see you.” 

Careful not to hit anyone in the face, because that’s just rude and discuss the hair rules well in advance. Especially the bachelorette because with the wedding coming up, she might have her hair did with her extensions. Another way to let the feathers fly is to get a few festive boas and gently whack each other. You’ll have some great photos to share and can warm up the group for more games to come. 

Get some soft pillows and cute jammies and give it a go. Bonus points for silk or satin pillow cases. Satin pillowcases can also double as a perfect party gift because they are ideal for getting your beauty sleep. Seriously, not even kidding now. All the ladies will love having “line free” preserved faces if you have an early morning photo shoot the day of the wedding

Adult Charades 

A Naughty Game for Naughty People.

Turn your living room into the hottest spot in town! Actually, if you are considering going out to an expensive club, reconsider because you will not be able to play adult charades in there… not even in VIP. 

Charades make a great game because they get people up and moving around and once you get the competition going they can lead to hilarity. The game is truly as good as the players. If you have a small group then you might want to skip the whole “teams” thing, especially if some of your guests are new comers. It’s not fun for the future sister in law to be saddled with the work friend and face off against girls who’ve been ride or die since the 5th grade. Everyone can shout out her guesses. Still want to keep some healthy competition? Let each player score when they call out the right answer or the performer gets points for their killer pantomiming skills. This way there’s still a winner. It doesn’t hurt to give prizes but if you’re on a budget, give the winner a grand privilege like they can have the last cupcake, choose the next game you play or give her 3 bonus starting points for “Who’s the Biggest Slut.”

Adult Charades also wins because it can be played alongside “Cards Against Humanity” for any game night with naughty people. The decks included are small so you can just keep a few in your clutch and play the game at a dive bar. 

Chippendales tip: Adult Charades comes with 480 charades and frankly they can’t all be winners. Remind the players that they only have a minute to act out the 6 things on their card so they should be selective and play their favorites too. Don’t waste time trying to act out “Harvey Wallbanger” when you know your “horny devil” routine is on point.