Eat it Up PARTY People!

Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want. – Gael Greene

Hope you’re hungry because it’s about to get delicious! Every grand Girls Night includes snacks and treats of some kind, but when talking Bachelorette occasions- food and beverages become seriously crucial.  And let’s be honest, not everyone is Pinterest level when it comes to whipping up snacks. That’s why our Chippendales party experts have easy-to-follow recipes and advice on how to deal.

P.S. if you are one of the mythical “chosen ones” who can bring Betty Crocker to her knees and make Martha Stewart bow down and profess, “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!” we still have decadent challenges in store for you and your culinary prowess… but if you end up getting super wasted during the party you might be glad you have some of our hot mess fixes in your apron pocket.

Now let’s some food up in here…

Phalic is the New Penis

Are you tired of bachelorette food all molded into teeny wittle willies? Us too! But Chippendales knows how to be naughty without shoving wangs in your face. A well made penis cake is fun, but a subtle serving of sexy is better. Phallic foods and aphrodisiac ingredients give you and your crew a modern meal with just a taste of taboo.

Banana Pops

Create a cool DIY banana dipping station with chocolate, coconut, sprinkles and other fun decorating items. Peanut butter if you’re bad like that. Remember… nice sized nanners makes for perfect party fodder between bites.


Wrapping your vegetables in prosciutto is like giving them a warm hug. The same goes for fruit. You want to make your cantaloupe feel loved? Wrap it in thinly sliced Italian ham. Asparagus looking sad? Wrap it in prosciutto for a yummy phallic snack.

Chippendales say: While this might not be totally Paleo, it is a good protein/carb mix (the guys are way into that). This mini meal is excellent for sustaining energy for working out or drinking and dancing.


Gourmet Dogs

Don’t act like you wouldn’t be excited for a night of drinking 40’s and munching some top-of-the-line, grilled sausages. If the bachelorette is wants a casual party, you can host an old fashioned cook out and eat some wieners.

Chippendales say: keep quality in mind on this one. Go kosher and organic with some grass fed all beef or even a Vegan dog. Also, it’s pretty sexy to see a girl eat a hot dog so take some fun pictures.

Fun on a Stick

Nothing says “party time” like your favorite foods stacked on a skewer. Play with different flavors and colorful combos. From bite sized servings, to  “full Monty” kabobs. Feed your guests with fun and flare. Stick it to em!

Chippendales say: Need some sex on a stick or side dishes, take a break and see our Dancer page.

Punch Drunk

Sometimes as a hostess it’s your job to get your girl gang completely f’d up. We hear that. Unfortunately, some of your buddies can knock a lot back and leave you broke in a dry house and the party vibe is pretty much downhill from there. How can you keep the drinks flowing while also minding your budget?  You can punch up your party by making a big boozy bowl of festive goodness.

By fixing up a large batch you are able to save money by buying in bulk, plus the sweet ingredients you add in mean that you don’t have to buy Grey Goose and Crystal in order to impress your guests- midpoint liquor and cheap ass sparkling wine make the best beverages when you mix it all together. And last but not least, serving a pretty potion allows you to have a signature drink for the night and reinforce your theme or color scheme.

The 70’s are back with the latest trend in cocktail concoctions, so bust out that old school punch bowl. Think of it as a giant, endless martini glass for all to share and enjoy. Here are our top 5 favorite punch recipes for every palette, theme, or season. 

Flirtini Punch

The gold standard in girlie drinks, the Flirtini is light and flavorful. 

Chippendales insider tips: add grenadine or splash of pomegranate juice to give the otherwise yellow drink a pretty pink hue. And word is that the pineapple juice “keeps the na-na real sweet for the eating” as Miss Minaj would say. This might not be true, but the pineapple juice urban legend is a fun conversation starter for your bachelorette party.

Sparkling Pink Sangria

Sangria is like the cool older sister or Spanish exchange student to the basic punch, it’s a little sexier and more flavorful. Plus, wine is always welcome when a group of women get together and look for trouble around the living room.  Sangria is usually fun and easy to make. For your bachelorette party here is a light, rosy recipe.

Chippendales fun fact: In some parts of southern Spain, they call it zurra and make it with peaches or nectarines. The Spanish know how to party.

Spiked Blackberry Lavender Lemonade

Doesn’t that just sound delightful? This effervescent blend is great for day drinking or a hot summer nights. You can get really artisan hipster with this vegan brew and replace glass wear with cute little mason jars. Garnish: fresh berries, flowers and lemons.

Chippendales say: heat up the party by asking the hot guy mowing the lawn if he’d like to come have a nice glass of lemonade with you and the girls. What no Desperate Housewives worthy gardeners in your neighborhood? Then hire a stripper for god’s sake! This is a bachelorette bash, not a garden party. ;)

Strawberry Margarita Punch

Do we really need to break this one down? Imagine the best strawberry margarita you’ve ever had and then imagine more of it in a sturdy bowl or pitcher. Now imagine that you are downing that frozen wonder with your friends at the most amazing bachelorette party ever because someone wised up and is serving Mexican food and margaritas. Why can’t all bachelorette parties serve Mexican food? Seriously. That sounds so good right now.

Chippendales Spice it up: Rim the glasses with little lime and jalapeño juice before dipping in sugar for a spicy kick or blend in some Mexican candy flare with Pico or Limon 7 salt and everyone will be licking their lips by the time the dancers get there.

Cosmopolitan Fizz-Punch 

Fizzle your schizzle like Snoop D. Your crowd will be pleased as punch with a fresh bowl of Cosmopolitans for all. This party favorite is super pretty to serve and easier to make than “you-know-who” on prom night. It tastes like a cosmo and childhood memories in one fizzy, yummy glass at a time. 

Chippendales tip: Might want to make two batches of this good stuff. If your guests don’t finish it that night, add a little more OJ in the morning, pour over fresh ice and keep partying.


A perfect menu can be one of the most difficult tasks in a party girl’s life. There are so many options online! And searching for ideas can leave you hungry, overwhelmed and considering hiring a caterer. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your delicious dishes.

Making it a “Bachelorette Party” Menu

What makes it bachelorette food? Pink and phallic? Yes! Throw some edible glitter in there and you’re all set. Unfortunately having a spread of this kind will most likely leave you with just deserts and cocktails…. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but be prepared to branch out. Bachelorette Party Foods should both feed the guests and add to the party atmosphere. Think indulgent flavors and scintillating displays, foods that are fun to make and a pleasure to eat. Specific foods and recipes should be selected to work within your theme. Another fun way to be Bachelorette specific is to use creative language and come up with your own names for menu items. Serve up “Beefcake kabobs”, #Mancrushmonday Munchies, or simply make a “Ballsy” cocktail.


Food can easily set the stage for the type of occasion you want. A specific theme should be reinforced at every opportunity but especially when it comes to food. If your theme is more general or the opposite (highly abstract) then replace “theme” with “tone.” Example: Naughty parties do well with more spicy and exotic foods (Mexican, Brazilian, Sushi, Peruvian, etc) and embellish the daring with bold colors and unique mixtures.


We all know there’s a “wedding season” that means your most likely looking to serve up some summertime snacks, but whenever the event is, make sure you select seasonal ingredients. You’re far more likely to get better flavors from local ingredients grown in season.

Ask the Bride

Believe it or not, once you get caught up in pinning and planning the perfect menu, little things like whether or not your BFF recently started a new eating plan in preparation for her nuptials are suddenly forgotten. Cater to her favorites and build the rest of the dining plan around that.

Ask about Allergies and Preferences

In our world of Vegan Food Sharing and Gluten Free menus, the debate between dietary needs and wants has become a tense and unpleasant conversation and no fun for anyone. Opt to believe in your guests’ right to choose and find out ahead of time if there a specifications. Most people with food allergies are happy to list the foods that are easiest for them to digest or bring their own if needed. You don’t have to suddenly become a Paleo expert though, talk to your guests so they can help you hone in on what you want to serve and also let them know you’re doing the best you can to meet everyone’s needs but they should be prepared to help you do that.


As fellow foodies, we enjoy many varieties of chow regardless of the price point but you still want to get a general idea of what your party budget is. 


Are you out on the town, in your home or someone else’s? Keep this in mind when you’re planning the menu. If you have to haul the dishes around than maybe pass on the shrimp cocktail?  

Enlist Help

Be ready to answer the inevitable “What can I bring?” with a specific request. The truth is, most people want to help. Let them. Give them two options to choose from and don’t shy away from specifics in order to ensure the food is what you want it to be. For example, “Yeah, Tiff, I’d love you to bring something! How about chocolate cupcakes or picking up some ice?” Your girl can take the easy (yet pivotal ice or beverage detail) or she can make like Cupcake Wars and bring the best GD cupcakes anyone’s ever had. Plan the work and work the plan- Feeding the masses, or a few wasted besties at a bachelorette party can take work. It’s not all fun and games and penis straws. The best way to keep your stress level down and spirits high is to look ahead and create a plan of action. Then do your damndest to follow that plan. Consider who you can rely on for help, what day to do the shopping, etc. Then chop and prep the day before and get as much done before the party day as you
possibly can. You don’t want to be sequestered to the kitchen “finishing up a few things” when the other partygoers are picking teams for the scavenger hunt.

Keep it Real

In all honesty there is a bevy of information on how to have and do the “perfect” party. And that’s great, but as party experts we can tell you that no one cares as much about the perfect cake as they do about laughing, having fun and sharing with their fierce girl group. Take a moment to remember this is a party. If you have to sacrifice perfection in order to get things done then don’t worry about it, turn up the music, pass around the glasses and cheers to having a great bachelorette party. It will be “perfect.”