The DL on DIY

In the immortal words of Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid, “If you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself.” And once again, a Disney character preaches the truth. Check out the best in Bachelorette DIY ideas in one place. Our hacks, tips and links will get you the DIY award for Most Homespun Fun of the year. We know you’re foxy and crafty.

Bachelorette parties are as much about getting ridiculous with the tequila as they are about getting cray cray with the glue gun.

2 Ways to DIY Nail Bar

Here are two DIY nail polish bars. One: make a DIY mani/pedi station. Two: let your guests make their own nail polish! Both are fun but vary in terms of difficulty. See which is best for your “Liquor and Lacquer” bachelorette party.

One simple way to build out this great girlie activity at home is to pick up your favorite polishes, set up a table, create your own tags and make a sign letting your guests know where they can start polishing up.

For added hospitality and funny photo ops, provide props like paper masks and stylish nail files. Get pink or animal print placemats to keep your furniture protected and to keep the look of your makeshift nail salon on point. 

To take your DIY Nail Polish Bar to an epic level, create a DIY station where guests can make their own nail polish. Can you even handle this right now? This is perfect for the artsy bride or crafty crowd.

It’s a lot of work to put together, but when you pull this off you’ll be so proud! And your friends will talk about it for years to come. Warning: Be prepared for your guests to beg you to plan their bachelorette parties too.

Without further adieu...

Tattoos for the Non-Committal Bride

First of all, if you and your gang want to go out and get Bachelorette party tattoos then you totally should. It’s a boss move to commemorate your milestones in blood and ink. On the other hand, you’re a little tipsy and a little less committed to the night; you can still bond over being branded with sick DIY temporary tattoos.

Branded to Party

For temporary tattoos you can make your own, but you don’t have to make them on your own. You can order custom temp tattoos that are cute, clever and easy!

The Ties that Bond: DIY Hair Band Favors

You never know when someone in your crew may need to hold her hair back or maybe rock a top knot after a lot of sweaty dancing has ruined her ‘do. For a fun party favor that is useful and adorable, make some hair ties.

Blow it Up

Word up! You cannot have a wild ass party without balloons. Think about it- little kids have balloons at their parties and they lose all control. If you want the kind of awesome occasion where your best friend face plants in a ball pit and someone’s sister-in-law ends up with her hair all ratty and ice cream on her face yelling it’s her turn at “Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor” then you are going to need some balloons.

That said, you can’t just do run of the mill plain balloons. You’re no quitter. You need to either hook it up with penis balloons or f-bombs or you need to get some sharpies and get ready for some dank DIY balloon blowing and decorating.

Chippendales Tip: Invest in a small helium tank, especially if you get truly wonderful and go with penis balloons. Turns out a lot of grocery stores refuse to fill naughty balloons (not cool Gelson’s) and party stores charge an awful lot of money for some hot air. Another tip on filling penis balloons… stretch them out A LOT. Otherwise you end up with one ball bursting before you’ve filled the shaft. Also, film filling these balloons and send your videos to us for a chance to win awesome prizes.

For your DIY party balloon ideas, check this out.