About Chippendales

Hey girl… bet there’s a lot about the Chippendales that you don’t know. Here’s a little taste of their delicious history and some cool facts about how they came to be one of the most beloved brands in women’s entertainment.

It was 1979 when the Chippendales first came on the scene, gyrating their way into the hearts and laps of women everywhere. Los Angeles club owner Steve Banerjee started the Chippendales, naming them after the classic Chippendales-style furniture that adorned the club where the guys first performed. Later, Banerjee’s club “Destiny II” would change its name and inherit the Chippendales moniker. The success of the Los Angeles club spawned a New York club and other permanent locations. Touring troupes were established and soon the Chippendales were traveling the world, entertaining and empowering women across the globe.

The early shows quickly gave rise to what would become and remain a pop-cultural phenomenon. It didn't take long before the provocative Chippendales brand gained popularity for introducing the “all male revue” style of entertainment to their all-female audience. From their inception to now, the brand has grown to become the epitome of the Girls Night Out experience.

Because the is synonymous with Girls Night Out celebrations, this association led the company to license its trademarks and Intellectual property, including the globally recognized Collar and Cuffs Trade Dress, for a diverse array of in-demand consumer products. Chippendales works with its licensees to develop, market, and distribute high-quality branded merchandise ranging from apparel and accessories to mobile content and online games. The merchandise is emblematic of the sexy-fun lifestyle the brand and its audience embody.

Today, the Chippendales flagship location hosts millions of women each year at their very own theater inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  The $10m complex is decked out with a swank retail boutique, sexy bar and lounge where the audience can meet the Men of Chippendales and flirt one-on-one… or two-on-one…

The award-winning show in Vegas runs seven nights a week, providing a choreographed, yet spontaneous, immersive experience. The show consistently ranks as one of the Top shows in Vegas by the Las Vegas Review Journal as well as “Best Male Revue” nationally.  The touring show brings performances to millions of women word-wide, pleasing their thriving fan base. Across 6 continents, in over 25 countries and almost every U.S. state, the Chippendales dancers bring the party to the people.

Chippendales have always had their finger on the pulse of women’s entertainment and now more than ever, that pulse is throbbing. Their hearts beat a little faster, they scream a little louder and Girls Night out with Chippendales is changing the party game like never before. 

Check out some of the hall of fame highlights in the timeline below:


A world without hope… these dark days are commonly referred to as the “Pre-Chippendales Era.” It is said that women suffered tremendous lack of fun and excitement.


The revolution begins. Club owner, Steve Banerjee begins featuring all male dance performances one night a week for an all female audience. Needless to say it was a huge hit. By March of ’79 Banerjee changes the name of his club from Destiny II and debuts Chippendales.


First publication of the now iconic Chippendales Calendar. Banerjee tells the LA Times that the experience is “Disneyland for women…” there is magic in the air. It’s an exciting time for women and shoulder pads.


Chippendales opens a second venue in New York. Emmy-winning Nick De Noia and co-writer Kurt Kessler transform the show into a spectacular stage production.


Steve Merritt, a talented director and choreographer comes on board to improve the show even more. He was determined to insure the men of Chippendales would be dancers as opposed to just strippers. This distinguishing factor continues to set Chippendales apart from other male revues that came after them.


SNL creates hilarious skit with Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley as Chippendale hopefuls auditioning. It’s official that Chippendales have brought male stripping into the mainstream and that is awesome. The cuffs and collar are winning at pop culture.


Carl Leighton-Pope joins the Chippendales team and begins booking the Chippendales for a world tour. Leighton-Pope brings his stage experience from work with major artists such as Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, and Madonna and transforms the Chippendales into a viable worldwide brand in entertainment. Throughout the rest of the 1990’s the talented and glistening men of Chippendales begin to make the world a better place. They continue to add more and more countries and cities to their tour roster, taking them into Europe and beyond.


Chippendale’s mega-hunk Gregg Michaels is spotted in a coffee shop by a woman overwhelmed with pleasure. She calls out, “Oh that’s Mr. January!” before nearly fainting. The men wonder if they should learn mouth-to-mouth for emergencies such as this.


Kevin Denberg and several other investors purchase the Chippendales and begin a new model for the sexiest live show in the world. Denberg and his team reinvigorate the brand and the industry. Their changes garner the attention of the women of Generation Y. Chippendales proves their ability to adapt to the changing wants of their female audience. The titillation is about to take on the new millennium.


The Chippendales open up their very own 21,000 square foot “Entertainment Complex for Women.” The theater, Flirt Lounge, and boutique inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas become the hottest place for Girls Night.


Channing Tatum does us all proud by bringing the world of male stripping to life in his hit movie Magic Mike. The film reminds audiences that girls are interested in more than just watching man candy take it all off… they want talented dancers, fun and excitement. Later on, films such as Magic Mike XXL, Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie continue to enhance and alter the industry's understanding of the female gaze and desires in entertainment. Fun and fantasy are becoming more accepted than ever before.


Supermodel Tyson Beckford joins Chippendales as the celebrity guest star, not once but twice performing sold out shows. Mariah Carrey gets a lap dance. It’s pretty sweet.


So far the plans are still tightly under wrap but after 35 years of Chippendales; you can bet our next unveiling is going to be all that you want and more. Get ready for the New Year, new calendar and a whole lot of sexy.  Oh… and did we mention the Break the Rules Tour? Looks like 2016 just might be the best year ever! 



He’s back! After hundreds of requests poured in through social media, begging for more Tyson Beckford, the Chippendales are giving you what you want, as they always do. The actor and supermodel brought fire to the Chippendales Las Vegas show with his smoldering good looks and epic body. And he got you sprung this Spring. The amazing fans also voted for Best of Las Vegas and we heard you loud and clear, according to you we are the best, we think you're the best too! Yes 2017 has been a good year!