Find the answers to all your burning desires, aka Chippendales-related queries here on this page. You can scroll through for fun tips and maybe catch some answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

What can my friends and I expect at a Chippendales show?

For starters, you can expect to have a bitchin’ good time watching Chippendales dancers ripping off their shirts for your pleasure and delight. Also you can expect an immersive and modern entertainment experience unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. For more info on what to expect, check out our links for the Vegas Show or Touring Show to get more deets.

If I see Chippendales perform live, will I still be as attracted to my partner?

Yes, absolutely yes. But that is a completely valid concern. It’s natural to think that guys who are as extremely good looking as the Chippendales could ruin other men for you but that’s simply not the case. In fact, many of our audience members report a HEIGHTENED attraction to their partners after seeing the show. Something about women coming home all amped up from having the greatest Girls Night Out boosts their confidence and they can’t wait to share that feel-good attitude with their honies. If your partner is still concerned about this issue, please encourage him or her to check out the show or some online clips and see if they can learn some moves themselves! Chippendales men are certainly beautiful but it’s their sexy swagger that makes them truly irresistible.

Are Chippendales shows LGBTQ friendly?

Yes, yes, yes! We always have been and always will be. When Chippendales revolutionized male stripping for female audiences, it was to create an environment where women felt safe and confident to have fun watching. We cater to a predominantly female audience but we have always welcomed LGBTQ to join our community. Chippendales prides itself on providing a fun and safe environment for all our friends to enjoy.

Are dudes allowed to come to the shows too? Like straight dudes?

This is a great question, especially now. Thirty five years ago most men wouldn’t necessarily want to come to one of our shows and many women weren’t comfortable with letting guys join in on Girls Night. As the times have changed, so have our our audience members. Chippendales has become a mainstream entity and modern men are totally cool with seeing the show. We have no gender bias but we do acknowledge that there’s not a lot of bros at these shows. Of the handful of guys who may be there, they are all enjoying the drinks and the show. The smart ones are taking notes on moves to attempt with their own partners. Honestly it makes for festive foreplay.

Can I get a private dance?

The environment is more of a lounge feel with the live show happening up on stage. The good thing about this is that we have an upscale nightlife feel while still offering guests the best views of the good stuff on stage and the guys who hop down to mingle with the crowd. Chippendales shows are very different from strip clubs… you don’t have to make it rain and there are no poles to climb. The men of Chippendales are dancers not strippers. Yes they take it all off, but it’s done with style. We should probably also mention here that we don’t have a Champagne Room but guests get complimentary VIP access to the Rio’s exclusive Voodoo Lounge when booking a show package deal, so click here for details.

Can I get a what-what?

Sure! Ahem, "what-what!"

Is it weird to go alone?

It’s only weird if you make it weird. Just kidding, it’s not weird at all. Honestly, it’s pretty boss to come see Chippendales on your own. For example a lot of women travel for work and want to go out in Vegas when they are here but don’t feel safe out drinking at a club by themselves or hanging out in their hotel bar where randoms can saddle up next to them and start the cheesy pick up lines. The Flirt Lounge at the Rio and Chippendales show provide a perfect environment. Plus there are so many other women there so it’s NBD to hit the show solo. Also, you’re welcome to hang out after the show and grab a drink with the Chippendales who are nice guys who won’t try to get your number… but you can most certainly give it to if you're totally vibing.

Will I see some D?

Nah, there is no frontal nudity but one can always hope for a wardrobe malfunction! In which case, you may want to choose seats closest to the stage so you can catch all the action.

Is the show interactive?

Heck yes it is! There are a few games for audience participation and many songs that literally make everyone want to jump up and dance. Of course, you can enhance your experience by interacting now through our social media. You can post and share with friends before, during and after the show. You can also interact with the Chippendales dancers through their personal Instagram pages. It’s mostly pictures of them dancing, working out, and rescuing puppies… you probably won’t like it unless you feel like melting inside from all the cuteness.

Is there touching?

We really try to respect the personal bubble rule but if you are comfortable and brought up on stage there can be some flirty contact but no groping or grinding. Keep it classy ladies... keep it classy.

Are all the guys gay?

No! That is a rumor started by jealous dude-bros who can’t dance. Most of the men are straight but we won’t tell you which ones because we love them all equally. It’s also a really fun guessing game to play with your friends and we would never deprive you of that. And last but not least, it’s your fantasy and they are what you want them to be. Most of them aren’t firemen either but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the hose show.

One of my friends can't go, will she be jelly?

Oh for sure, she’s going to be so sad she missed it. Good news though, you can get her some swag to make her smile and let her know you’re still BFFs. If she’s still not over it (and they’re so hot, she might not be) then you may have to be a pal and go with her for another Girls Night down the road. The show is constantly evolving and the guys keep it fresh. Taking one for the team has never been more enjoyable.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel like the hottest version of yourself. For many showgoers, that means micro minis and stilettos, for others it’s jeans and a sexy top. If you’re part of a Bachelorette party it’s fun to band together and wear coordinating outfits or looks that heighten a chosen theme for the night. Party tiaras, boas and other Girls Night flare are always nice options and great ways to let the world know you and your crew are a force to be reckoned with. Bonus- it’s also the best way to get noticed and then pulled on stage. For inspiration, see some of the ensembles other audiences members wore on our Community page.

How should I do my makeup?

If you’re venturing to Vegas for the show and aren’t used to the dry climate and desert warmth than you may want to up your moisture level before your makeup application. You’ll probably be in for a long night so sweat-resistant and long-wear formulas can help you look picture perfect throughout the night. The theater also has a dark, sexy vibe so don’t be afraid to maximize your look with false lashes, a brighter lip, or go full on with your contour.

Can I take any of the men home with me or back to my hotel?

The professional dancers of Chippendales don’t make house calls for dancing or other adventures. The best way to take them home is in your post-show photo opp or via our newsfeed so you can scroll through afterhours, tweet with them or post at your leisure.

So you’re saying I can't take any of the men home with me or back to my hotel?

No, you can’t take them home with you. But check out the adorable night shirts in the boutique to wear while you dream of them.

What's the difference between a Chippendales show and one of the other male revues?

Excellent question. We decided to post this inquiry to our guys at Chippendales. After adjusting their bow ties, the guys offer coy side smiles. The way they explain it is really simple… Chippendales pretty much invented Girls Night Out entertainment as we know it when they came on the scene in 1979. They are all abs and class, setting the highest standards in the business… meaning the men are of the highest caliber and the production value is better. The show in Las Vegas  also has special celebrity guest hosts performing with them on a regular basis. Then they all ripped off their shirts. You can’t argue with that.

Do we tip the dancers?

No girl, you keep your dollars! We know you have drinks and tiaras to buy so don’t you worry about it. It’s also not that sort of show and the guys are dancing at times in very tiny costumes that are already full of talent.

How early should we arrive and how late should we stay?

The show starts right on time so coming an hour early to get your tickets is a good idea. This gives you time to order drinks and get situated in your pre-selected seats. If you make it to the second show on the weekend nights then you should stay to meet the dancers and all that good stuff like pics with them and hugs, glorious hugs! Before the show you can take pictures against the “step and repeat” backdrop so you can get perfect premiere-style images to remember your night.

Can we take pictures in the club?

You’re so cute, of course you can! See what others have posted for inspiration inside the Flirt Lounge. But no pictures during the show until the guys say it’s okay.

How do I get my girl or myself on stage?

The best advice we can give on this subject is to tell you to start yelling and cheering when you want some extra attention. Being decked out in party gear is another good way to signal that you and your friends are ready for the spotlight when the time comes. The audience members are selected at random but the guys definitely pay attention and do their best to choose girls who seem to want it the most. You can also choose to sit someplace where you know you’ll be in view of the guys when they come off stage to select a few lucky ladies. Insider tip: The guys come off stage to dance with the crowd so even if you’re not on stage you can get a little extra love. Maybe an aisle seat?

Wait… I’m shy, do I have to go onstage?

Not even a little bit. You can politely decline. If you are adamantly opposed to being on stage then you should let your friends know too so they don’t work too hard to get you on stage. The Chippendales dancers are totally cool about respecting your boundaries. Lastly, you should know that if you are on stage, it’s a fun and supportive environment. See where in the theater you’ll be most comfortable when you pick your tix.