Chippendales Is Looking For A Few Good Men!

Looking for a new career? Tired of the same boring job? Chippendales Entertainment has the perfect solution for you! From the East Coast to the West Coast, from Las Vegas to a World tour, the Chippendales recruitment team is looking for fresh looks and the personality to match.

Fill out our online recruitment form and submit your best picture absolutely FREE of charge! A few minutes of your time can change your life forever. Here are some great careers available:

Lead Dancer
The forefront position in Chippendales The Show, these men are on the front lines performing heart pumping sexy dance moves and interacting with the audience. Toned physique, charisma, stage presence, and the ability to learn chorography are essential to this position.

The host of Chippendales The Show, these individuals keeps the crowd entertained between numbers and can sing and dance to boot! The need for strong vocal experience, ability to work a crowd, and flexibility to go off a script makes this a key role in the show

The Chippendales that have the first interaction with the audience, these members of the cast elevate the artistic value of the overall production. They provide high level choreography and hard hitting routines in between numbers and as a backup to the group sets.

Auditions take place monthly in the Chippendales Theatre. Bring a picture & resume if you have one and be prepared to learn a short choreographed dance routine and perform it. Looking for males at least 5' 10", well toned, charismatic, strong stage presence, ability to dance and/or pick up choreography, and like working in a social environment. For inquiries and exact audition dates please email us at or call (702) 777-2315.

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