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Las Vegas Bachelorette Party


If you’re lucky enough, you may get the chance to spend your final days as a single woman in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Many brides-to-be opt to celebrate the end of their single life and new beginnings with their life partner in Vegas. Coordinating a Las Vegas bachelorette party requires a great deal of advance planning and the ability to create and maintain a reasonable budget. To plan a Las Vegas bachelorette party that won’t easily be forgotten, you’ll need to consider a fresh host of available options – and there are plenty.

bachelorette party guest list

Step 1: Narrow down your list of guests

Although you may want to invite all your girlfriends from grade school and up, this is not realistic. You’ll surely have a lot more fun if you focus your guest list on a few select individuals – your best friends who you could simply not go to Las Vegas without. Be sure to ask your guests ahead of time so that they have time to take off of work and prepare for such an occasion.

book las vegas hotel

Step 2: Research and book hotel room in advance

Never wait until the last minute to book hotel rooms. As a general rule of thumb, book your rooms three to four months in advance, especially if you plan on visiting Vegas during a busy time of the year, such as long weekends or winter holidays. Ensure that there is enough room to accommodate all of your guests. It may be wise to ask your guests if they prefer a single or double occupancy room so that everyone is comfortable during their stay.

flight to las vegas

Step 3: Search online for airfares

The Internet is one of the best sources for finding discount plane tickets, as Las Vegas is a popular destination for travelers. It’s not too difficult to find great deals on airfare, especially if you purchase your tickets months ahead of time. It’s generally ideal to obtain a package deal that includes hotel accommodations and airfare to make the process easier and save yourself a few bucks.

las vegas transportation

Step 4: Hire a mode of transportation for your Vegas stay

While Las Vegas has plenty of taxi companies, why not travel in style for your Vegas bachelorette party? You know you deserve it. Hire a limo to pick up your bachelorette party guests at the airport and take a ride back to your hotel with a bottle of champagne as you pre-game for the night ahead. Remember the longer the duration of limo service, the better value in most cases.

las vegas dining

Step 5: Make dinner reservations

Wait until several weeks before you head to Vegas to make your dinner reservations. Consult with your friends about what type of cuisine they prefer and can afford. Inform guests that depending on the type of restaurant you attend, there may be need for proper attire. Some restaurants require business-casual or formal attire. Inform the restaurant of the bachelorette celebration when you make reservations and make any special requests during that time.

spa las vegas

Step 6: Plan some daytime activities

Before you head out to the nightclubs, be sure to check out some of the daytime activities that Las Vegas has to offer. Consider making appointments for a relaxing visit to the hotel spa for pedicures or deep-tissue massages. Lounge by the hotel pool and catch a few rays or get a little wild and head into the sand dunes on some buggies. Vegas has paintball, skydiving, casinos, amusement parks, the Stratosphere Tower, and of course – lots of shopping.

vegas show

Step 7: See a Las Vegas show

Las Vegas is well-known for its spectacular shows that are unlike anything else. If you’re able to snatch some tickets, be sure to check out Blue Man Group at the Luxor Theater, Cirque du Soleil at the LOVE Theater, or check out Celine Dion as she performs a collection of songs in her new show at Caesars Palace. Of course, you can’t leave Vegas without checking out the widely-popular Chippendales Male Revue Show. Who can go wrong in a room with a bunch of hot guys taking off their clothes?

las vegas nightclub

Step 8: Head to a bachelorette-friendly nightclub

Check out if the hotel you are staying at has its own club, in which case you may be entitled to a special offer or discount. Consult with the concierge of the hotel to see what options are available. Las Vegas is home to a host of popular nightclubs, from Marquee and XS to Chateau and TAO. There is no shortage of great places to drink, dance, and converse with friends.

male strippers las vegas

Step 9: Notify your guests of your plans

Now that you’ve made your reservations and decided what entertainment to go with, you will need to notify your guests. Be sure to give accurate deadlines, timelines, and other details to help your guests properly plan and budget for the trip. Provide flight information, hotel details, and a strict deadline in which they can decide whether or not they will be attending. Let your guests know what you have planned for the trip to ensure that they have no objections before the event.

notify your guests

Step 10:

Bachelorette parties in Las Vegas can be unforgettable and incredibly fun for all involved. Since a trip to Vegas can get a little pricy, it’s important to plan ahead of time to ensure that you are able to see everything that you want to during your stay. Make sure your trip is a safe one by looking out for one another. Finally, snap tons of pictures, have loads of laughs, and make your bachelorette party one you’ll never forget.