Elizabeth, IN
Jul 29, 2016
Elizabeth, IN
Jul 30, 2016
Elizabeth, IN
Jul 30, 2016
Toronto, ON
Aug 19, 2016
Toronto, ON
Aug 20, 2016
Columbus, OH
Aug 26, 2016
Lisa S.
“Thank u for making my ladies smile”
“Chippendales...It's a party.”
Bryan Cheatham - Chippendales Performer
 "One of the top 10 girl-getaways"
“Thank you @chippendales for
the best time! #bridalparty”
"The most wanted men in Vegas"
ET's The Insider
"I cannot believe I just asked a man
to pull up his shirt"
Whas11 - ABC
"Best of Las Vegas  2015"
Las Vegas Review Journal
"Putting the 'Sin' back in Sin City!"
Inside Edition
"I'm still smiling from the memories of that night"
Huffington Post

The Dancers